Two Comey Cronies Leaving The FBI

Posted May 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Waiting in Limbo doesn’t suit them,  James A. Baker and Lisa Page,  – both lawyers,  – both Comey toadies,  – BOTH Trump haters, – are departing the FBI after having been exposed for their roles in whitewashing Hillary’s Email server investigation.

Baker is under DOJ investigation for sharing classified information with reporters.  Lisa Page worked directly under Andrew McCabe,  and although married, – was in a sexual relationship with FBI Lawyer Peter Strzok (also married). 

2 Responses to “Two Comey Cronies Leaving The FBI”

  1. Mt Woman

    They should be leaving the FBI, but in handcuffs and doing the perp-walk. These “agents” are not simply bad FBI employees, they ARE negatively impacting on my life and my vote!

  2. integrity 1st

    so sick of watching all these criminals collect their paychecks and then decide when they are going to start collecting their pensions. so disgusting and can’t say enough about Sessions. pathetic.