Two Arrogant NY Times Reporters

Posted November 26th, 2014 by Iron Mike

They published Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson’s address, – thus inviting and expediting his murder.
Julie Bosman  Campbell Robertson

Someone found their home addresses. You bet your sweet bibby I’m publishing them:

There is a lynch-mob mentality pervasive throughout certain segments of Ferguson, Missouri’s population. Those animals will not be satisfied until white policemen are killed by the mob, – and they prefer to kill Darren Wilson.

NY Times reporters Julie Bosman and Campbell Robertson either quietly subscribe to this same lynch-mob vendetta mentality, – or they are beyond willfully stupid.

They seem intent on making news, – not simply reporting it.

There is a legal term – “Depraved Indifference”; – – they’re BOTH guilty!

Bosman and Robertson homes

Either way, we hope the police in Chicago and New Orleans will give their homes and property special attention.  Robertson’s home in New Orleans looks to be in dire need of a Fire Department inspection….

QUESTION:  How come these two sleuths could never find Obama’s real birth certificate, – his college writings and transcripts, – or the reason he and Michelle had to surrender their law licenses?

6 Responses to “Two Arrogant NY Times Reporters”

  1. Hawk1776

    >or they are beyond willfully stupid

    Even flaming liberals, which they appear to be, must realize that ethics are important. What they did was irresponsible and unethical. They should be fired and never work at a news organization again.

    >How come these two sleuths could never find Obama’s real birth
    >certificate, – his college writings and transcripts, – or the
    >reason he and Michelle had to surrender their law licenses?

    It’s called selective investigation. They investigate whatever supports their views.

    New York Times choose the slogan “All The News That’s Fit To Print” in order to show impartiality. I wonder what happened?

  2. Walter Knight

    It is ingrained in liberals to hate police officers. When you first meet a liberal, you think they might be nice people until politics are discussed. Then it becomes clear they sneer at America and it’s institutions. The irony is that if America ever fell, those liberals would be the first killed by those they would let take dictatorial power.

    America has the most professional police in the world. America does not have a police problem, it has a liberal problem, eating at our foundation intent on self-destruction.

    History repeats itself. Liberal reporters in Vietnam fled to America after the fall. We welcomed them. If America ever falls, there will be nowhere to flee.

  3. MC

    Maybe these two idiots were hoping to cash in on the 5k bounty that the RbG Black Rebels offered.

  4. NavyUSMCTown

    Good for you!! And these reporters should be fired and never work again. Loser lowlifes!!

  5. Walter Knight

    Julie Bosman is now calling the police asking for protection, and complaining about unwanted fast food deliveries.

  6. TEX

    I bet this libturd bitch skank is getting tired of pizza deliveries !