Two (2) Missile Wings FLUNK Inspections

Posted August 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Too gay for LeMay? In his Air Force…heads would have rolled!
LeMay Is Pissed
Now they’ll send in grief and sensitivity counselors…. 

Two USAF Missile Wings – the 91st at Minot AFB North Dakota and the 341st at Malmstrom AFB Montana have recently flunked safety and security inspections.

The 91st had 17 officers placed on temporary relief – unable to issue firing commands for their ICBMs. That’s a career killer!

All this on the heels of a report from Los Angeles AFB – of drag queens hired to entertain for ‘Diversity Day‘, where the Army’s first openly lesbian general – Tammy Smith was an invited speaker.New Military 
I would encourage readers to research the life and times of General Curtis LeMay – the architect of the US bombing campaign against Japan, and the man who built SAC – the Strategic Air Command – our first line of defense and retaliation during the Cold War.LeMay with JFK 
To have two – T-W-O  – missile wings flunk key readiness inspections has him spinning in his grave.

You should be asking your Congress critters and Senators what they’ve let our military come to….?

Are these missile bases like LA AFB – so preoccupied with diversity, political correctness and gay acceptance that they forgotten and abandoned military standards – maybe even their basic mission?

Has our military deteriorated so badly under Obama that drag queens are more important than being ready to launch our ICBMs?

Obama is using our military to fulfill a social agenda – which is clearly compromising our national defense readiness and capability.   His answer will be to soften the standards….

5 Responses to “Two (2) Missile Wings FLUNK Inspections”

  1. Mark

    According to Hannity……. 200 missiles fell into enemy hands in Bengazi.


    Those 200 [let us pray JUST 200…] are ManPADs – Man-portable Air Defense missiles – mostly Russian-made SA7s. EACH is capable of bringing down a helicopter, a drone, a jet fighter, or a civilian airliner….

    I’ve seen them at work, and they are very scary….and almost never miss….

    This is what was probably going on at Benghazi before the attack, – a different group wanted them, – they attacked, – and Obama and Hillary have been covering up ever since….

  2. Casey Chapman

    Oh yes…Benghazi was all about one gang of bad guys wanting the 400 missiles we had promised the other gang of bad guys. A real gang war with out CIA dept in the middle. What they used to call a cluster f@#k.

  3. Hawk1776

    Don’t forget forcing the Navy use biofuel at $26/gallon.

  4. Varvara

    Yes 0bama is using the military to fulfill his agenda just like he wants to change suburban towns with diversity.

  5. Kojack

    Political Correctness has permeated and badly damaged the military reducing its combat effectiveness in an almost infinite number of ways – some of which we learn about the hard way. I think we should do what Egypt did BEFORE its too late.