Twitter Blocks Elizabeth Heng’s Ad

Posted August 17th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Or maybe, because she shows the run-down squalor of Jim Costa’s 16th Congressional District,  – while that career swamp creature does nothing but march to Pelosi’s drummer….

Costa is EACTLY what’s wrong with the Democrat Party;  – as a 34 year old California state legislator – he got himself arrested for soliciting a $50.oo 19 year old hooker,…and he’s done NOTHING since.

He’s one of Pelosi’s obedient bobble-heads.

Here’s Elizabeth’s ad.   If you’re too young to remember the Cambodian Genocide,  – it’s time you learned a little HISTORY,  – and it’s time for you to understand what happens when a peaceful and disarmed people follow a Communist pied piper.

Send Twitter, Facebook and Pelosi a message; – send some Campaign $$$ to Elizabeth!

One Response to “Twitter Blocks Elizabeth Heng’s Ad”

  1. Panther 6

    Mike; Great girl and I agree, she needs our support. Will get something out to her. I remember the Cambodian Genocide and always felt the US and our demorat leaders at the time contributed. This young American lady is winner.