Twisting in the wind…

Posted October 28th, 2009 by Jim Ettwein

Ever since the Dems have been discussing (and I use the term loosely) Health Care Reform they’ve had to backtrack, turn around, and backtrack again and again.

First we could keep our current insurance. Then we couldn’t.

Then we could keep our doctor. But he’s likely to retire. Ooops.

Then we would insure all Americans. Except for those we don’t.

Then we’d never experience rationing. The whole thing hasn’t even started yet, and we’re rationing swine flu vaccine. And look at those wonderful pictures of the nice sterile school cafeterias where we’re herded in like cattle, moo a little and have our arms stuck.

Then our state could opt-out. But that’s only after we’ve already paid the taxes to support health insurance for those who choose not to buy it for themselves. So, we’d pay twice. Sounds fair.

Then they said there’d be no public option. Now there is. Oooops. Who knew we’d read the bill?

Then it was imperative to do it quickly since people were dying in the streets. But it doesn’t take effect for 4 years. That’s quick?

Then it was bi-partisan ’cause one R voted for it. And all the Rs were locked out of the room where they were discussing it. My, my, how inclusive the Dem Party is. As long as you agree with them.

Then it wouldn’t cost us more, or raise the debt or deficit… then it would, but not as much.

Then the non-partisan numbers were disputed.

My head’s spinning faster than the girl in “The Exorcist” from all the turnabouts in this plan.


2 Responses to “Twisting in the wind…”

  1. J Flick

    Dear RR:

    I figured out why this bill had to be passed ASAP-Your
    pres-I-dent wanted to rush this through before Sir Teddy crapped out (waving to Mary Jo on his way South). How messy it must be now that the driver of that wayward Olds is not around to guarantee that 60th vote. Maybe he should’ve gotten that front-end alignment like his mechanic suggested?
    Might’ve kept it from veering off that pesky bridge…

  2. Rabid Republican

    Indeed… and where is that replacement that the Governor of MA promised in time? Hmm… well, there are pesky laws that the Dems passed when Romney was Gov to handle this. Unfortunately it’s a bit backward right now since the parties are reversed. They’ve changed it back (no flip-flopping here) but there are certain waiting periods. So, maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t. Until then throngs will be dying in the streets due to lack of health care. Won’t they? Oh, ok, they won’t. No matter, it’s still important. Isn’t it? rr