TV Viewing Guide for Prime Time 9/8/2011

Posted September 1st, 2011 by Jim Ettwein

Here it is, you’re own personal viewing guide for September 8th.  The President has decided to speak to all of us on opening night of the NFL.  A speech that wasn’t important enough to interrupt his vacation, but seems to be important enough to ask Congress to hold a rare joint session.  But, let’s make one thing perfectly clear (to use PresO’s own mantra)… by pre-empting advertiser supported shows, he’s, again, hurting the networks who would have otherwise gotten revenue for the important time slot surrounding the NFL’s ballyhooed opening session.  He’s THAT important!

Cut this out (after you print it) and post it on your refrigerator so you don’t forget!   rr


One Response to “TV Viewing Guide for Prime Time 9/8/2011”

  1. Sue

    I guess the reason he didn’ t want to make the speech the first day after vacation was because if he waited until Wednesday he could preempt the GOP debate. Now he’s taking up advertising time of the NFL. Never mind the fact that if jobs are SO important to him, why was he even on vacation in the first place. Why wasn’t he making that speech in August? Or July? Interestingly, I heard a clip of a speech he gave the last week of August, that’s August 2010!, wherein he says that he will give a major speech on job creation, wait for it, right after he gets back from vacation. It was almost word for word the same speech. God help our country.