Turtleboy Claims A Shaggy Scalp

Posted July 19th, 2021 by Iron Mike

The MassGOP State Committeeman from Newton (First Middlesex & Norfolk) has resigned as the 1st Vice Chair of the MassGOP – snared in a web of deceit.

Tom has always claimed to be a Trump supporter,  – claimed he caught COVID at the White House.  He’s the kind of supporter no candidate needs.

It seems like just last month when Mountain was pissing and moaning that MassGOP Chair Jim Lyons was standing firm to protect the First Amendment Rights of Ludlow State Committeewoman Deb Martell.

In Tom’s eyes,  Ms. Martell had sinned by sending a private email critical of 2nd CD Candidate Jeffrey Sossa-Paquette,  a VERY conspicuous gay man with two adopted children.

Ms. Martell – a devout Catholic – had expressed her revulsion,  – and somebody had published her private email.  Mountain wanted her banished.  Lyons held firm.

Now Mountain’s private electronic correspondence with what he ~ thought ~ was a sexually frisky young lady from Israel (Tom is Jewish) has been made public.

Was he targeted?   Was he set up?   Was he a willing player?

Are we dealing with hypocrisy and double standards here?

At this point in our struggle, both Massachusetts and National Republicans need to eliminate all traces of hypocrisy and sleazy conduct in party officials, – which may mean some loudmouths need to stand down and stand aside.

We have enough troubles with the likes of Mitt Romney,  Susan Collins,  Ron Kaufman,  Jeb Bush,  Liz Cheney,  and Ben Sass.

In the current case of Tom Mountain, – he ~ may ~ have been “catfished”,  – and he may have been targeted by someone who doesn’t like him.

BUT it sure seems that he willingly bit at the bait.  Republicans don’t need this kind of crap interfering with the 2022 Midterms. 

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