Turning Their Backs On Mini-Mike

Posted March 2nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

If Bloomberg was thinking his trip this weekend to Selma,  – to mark the 55th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday,  – would help him win Black votes, – – he was given a cold rude reality wake-up.

He was given a chance to speak, but parishioners in Selma’s Brown Chapel AME Church rose and turned their backs to him.  His history of racist remarks lives on.

Not widely understood is that the Stop, Question & Frisk policy – begun under Rudy Giuliani – earned grudging support in the Black and Hispanic neighborhoods of NYC, – because it was saving lives.

What folks objected to was the demeaning way Bloomberg occasionally described it – in racist terms, – as if ALL Black and Hispanic young men were potential thugs.

Frankly, Bloomberg has never been good at talking to people,  – either in person or to an audience.  He is the ultimate liberal elitist.

NY City was having a horrific crime wave when Rudy Giuliani became mayor,  – and Stop, Question, and Frisk was the best tool cops had to get and keep guns out of the hands of teenage gang members.

The difference between Giuliani and Bloomberg was in how the two men felt about their citizens,  – and how they spoke to people.

Bloomberg is simply another case study in “Money can’t buy you couth!”

One Response to “Turning Their Backs On Mini-Mike”

  1. Jim Buba

    Couth? Is that what they’re calling ‘Quid pro Quo’ nowadays?

    My, how times are changing back to the Good Old Days, eh?