Turning Texas BLUE? Utter FAILURE!

Posted March 7th, 2018 by Iron Mike

They held a Primary Election down in the Lone Star State Tuesday.  Democrats had high hopes and their Propaganda Ministry worked overtime with fake polls.

But even before the straggler lollygag precincts had managed to submit their tallies,  – it was clear the Democrats will lose Texas – again – in 2018LOSE B-I-G!  It seems folks who actually WORK for a living understand economics, – and patriotism, – and border walls.

Governor Greg Abbott did even better than Ted:

Read ’em and weep – you traitors!


7 Responses to “Turning Texas BLUE? Utter FAILURE!”

  1. Peter S

    The anti Trump “Blue Wave” has amplified Democrat primary turn-out and is pushing Democrats WAY to the left.

    Traditionally the leftward move of Democrats has not helped them win the general elections in red and purple states.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    This Democrat get out the vote effort is like the cow that can’t give milk, an “udder” failure…..

  3. Panther 6

    WOW, Bat Men, the demorat propaganda was a total fake news event. Hopefully this is going to carry over across the country!! Yes indeed. Glad for Senator Cruz,,,he may not always be right but he is a conservative. GOV Abbott is a good man also – WAY TO GO TEXAS!

  4. Mt Woman

    Now I know why I didn’t hear any news about the Texas results on this morning’s news– nothing to report but correction of the fake news story which ran all day yesterday. Even pollster Larry Sabato was talking about Ted Cruz possible threatening challenge from the left. It is good to know that Texas has yet to feel the LIBERAL politic winds that are blowing in from those fleeing CA. PS: Loved the pun from Green Beret!

  5. Sherox

    The only way that Democrats can win on their issues is to rig the elections.

  6. Ben

    Love that color of the state. It brings a tear to the eyes. Way to go Texas and Massachusetts has a way to go.

  7. Kojack

    To expand on SHEROX’ comment, DEMOCRAPS have learned that if you don’t like the way the electorate is voting then you have to change the voters. That’s why they LOVE illegal aliens, dead people and felons. Fortunately they haven’t changed it enough in TX to win elections.

    Mt Woman you are so right on about the MSM giving the TX vote a good leaving alone. I’m watching the local news tonite to keep track of the storm and have yet to hear word one about it.

    Great news, Iron Mike, a big Tango Yankee to you for reporting it. It’s nice to hear something encouraging once in a while.