Turn In Your Guns America?

Posted June 1st, 2013 by Iron Mike

There are thousands of misguided fools who want us to…

Think about this the next time one of those liberal fools starts spouting statistics and saying you don’t need an AR-15 ‘to kill a deer‘.  Our 2nd Amendment was NEVER about deer hunting!

Britain is under siege from a new kind of domestic enemy.  We are too.  One of them lives in our White House…

4 Responses to “Turn In Your Guns America?”

  1. Tom

    I believe that most legal gun owners today subscribe to the words of Charlton Heston – “My gun(s) will only be taken from my cold, dead hands”. I can never see the US gun owner giving in to a confiscation of their guns and abrogation of the Second Amendment.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The one who lives in the White House has goons who spend their whole days reading our posts, too. This country is NOT the one I remember.

  3. Kojack

    We can thank the massholes and other dumbocrats who sold out for “free” stuff for the Islamic Marxist in the white house.

  4. kenezen

    The Obama movement has lost credibility in killing the economy by enacting the closing of existing power plants run by the cleanest coal power plants on this Earth.
    The cost to our weak economy with so many unemployed or underemployed numbering well over 21% will devastate any small weak and unsatisfactorily built recovery if one exists. This President is operating outside of the law. I’ve written in depth on these subjects concerning our economy and its needs.