Turks Block 4 Russian Ships In Port

Posted December 5th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The centuries-old arm-wrestling match between Turkey [occupies strategic choke points] and Russia [frustrated military giant who wants Mediterranean access] continues.
Port City of Samsun Turkey
While this single act will likely be resolved,  these two stubborn players are inching the world closer to a nuclear war…

Port of Samsun Turkey

Russia under Putin is determined to take advantage of the last year of the Obama Vacuum – and help Syria’s Assad remain in power – in exchange for a major naval base air force base complex.

To do so they’ve been killing off all the so-called “Good Syrian Rebels” – specifically the very ones we trained. This part of the action is a test of Putin’s new air force – and a chance for him to ‘stick it’ to Obama…

Remember that our NATO agreement requires us to come to Turkey’s defense if Russia attacks them.  Putin is gambling that between Obama, Kerry, Ash Carter, and Susan Rice – there isn’t an ounce of courage available…

Putin has measured the man;  – he knows that the arrogant US pResident considers himself ‘too evolved’ to ever go to war…

So Turkey’s maneuver of holding 4 Russian ships in their Black Sea port – may invite some minor Russian retaliation – even a commando raid…. Somebody’s likely to die in this test of egos.

ErdoğanMeanwhile Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan – who is a Islamist sympathizer – and who hates Syria’s Assad, – continues to play a dangerous game.

If the Kurds become strong enough, they’ll try to carve out their own piece of his country – and so he’ll help ISIS kill them….


…and he’ll quietly buy ISIS oil at discount prices to pay for the arms that ISIS is buying from him.   He too has judged Obama and found him a craven coward,  – so he knows he can get away with it.

As tensions build – it may take only a minor miscalculation by a bit player to really fire thing up.

Somehow it will still be Israel’s fault,…or maybe George Bush’s…

Remember Folks, – this looks a lot like the Spanish Civil War to me, – where both Stalin and Hitler sent forces to fight,  – to test tactics,  equipment,  and leadership in a prelude to the ‘real thing’ – World War II.

Ju-87 in Spain

Hitler sided with Franco – the fascist who won that civil war. He concluded his army and air forces were ready – made little attempt to have the Luftwaffe build a long range bomber fleet – a monumental strategic blunder.

Russian tanks in Spanish Civil War

But Stalin, who had backed the losing Royalists in Spain – learned that his tanks were inferior – unable to get through the mud.   He ordered the Red Army to design a new one with wider treads – the famous T-34 – which was produced in vast numbers and which routed the Panzers on the Eastern Front.

Russian T-34s

Do you think our military leaders – who just opened all military positions to women – have bothered to really study what’s going on in this new proxy war?

This video is a bit long – but the Russian High Command shows you the evidence of Turkey cooperating with ISIS to smuggle out oil in return for arms.

Think about this: Obama never showed you any proof – did he?

Caesar Kunikov passes Istanbul



One Response to “Turks Block 4 Russian Ships In Port”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    Pulling Russia’s tail is like pulling a wild mountain lion’s tale.
    You might feel good, Turks, for a little while, but that lion is going to smack you hard, then rip your heart out and stuff it down your throat. Russia can do this without war: Putin can kill the Turkish economy, from without and from within. The new-style war. Oh, and mistakenly drop a few bombs here and there for fun.

    Putin will hurt Turkey is so many ways…this is just getting started…

    Very scary world.