Turkey’s Erdo?an Speaks Of Religious War

Posted June 11th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Like all modern tyrants – Turkey’s 21st Century Hitler rules by rigged elections and military might,  – not withstanding a recent military coup attempt.  He needs external ‘threats’ to distract his young population.

Austria’s Chancellor Kurz has threatened to expel 60 militant Imams (being paid by Turkey) and close seven militant mosques.  Perfect!  Threaten a religious war!

If you are ignorant of the History of the 20th Century – you are totally unaware of the genocides carried out by the Ottoman Empire (the Turks) against the Armenians,  the Assyrians,  – and the Pontic Greeks during the First World War.

To this day Turks will tell you straight-faced that the Armenians were “the real killers”.

100 years later and there is a creeping invasion by Muslims of Europe,  – with some 600,000 “refugees” in Austria.  They are NOT well-behaved or grateful,  and are NOT trying to assimilate…

Having watched the capitulation in England,  France,  Germany,  Sweden , and the lowlands,  – the Austrians elected Sebastian Kurz to save them from being overwhelmed and over-run.  They don’t want to be Muslim,  and they don’t want their daughters raped.

Erdo?an’s threat of ‘religious war’ is laughable.  That war has been going on for these past 1400 years! The whole cult of Islam is built on warfare and conquest – conversion by the sword.

The Liberal Media here and in Europe are of course aghast that Kurz is giving “religious leaders” the boot.

But neither the Holy Bible nor the Constitution of Austria were written as suicide pacts,  – and if the Good Lord gave us LIFE and FREEDOM,  – we have a DUTY to safeguard and protect these gifts.

Remember Americans, Christopher Columbus sailed WEST to find a way to “the Indies” and AVOID the Muslims,…because sailors who encountered them were usually killed – often grotesquely.  In 500 years,  – little has changed!

Erdo?an oversees a failing nation – caught between ancient enemies – the Russians, the Persians, the Kurds, the Syrians, and the Greeks. His misadventures has his economy in shambles, and there is nobody to bail him out.  The rich Arab nations hate him,  – they see him as the legacy of the Ottoman Empire.

Only the Chinese have any interest in helping Erdo?an,  – and only for the sake of distracting the USA and hectoring the Russians.

The best outcome possible is another coup,  – better planned and better executed – by western-leaning officers.

Meanwhile wish Chancellor Kurz a lot of luck.   At least as he kicks out the troublesome Imams,  – he doesn’t have to deal with dozens of Obama-appointed libturd judges blocking his moves.


Most Europeans don’t own guns,  – a legacy of living for hundreds of years under emperors,  – then under Hitler,  – then in a post-Hitler world of blissful ignorance….

You can and SHOULD own at least one working gun,  and have a goodly stock of ammo stashed away – maybe in two places.

There are people (left-wing traitors) in this country trying very hard to have hordes of Muslims over-run us – along with hordes of Mexicans.  

Unless Americans wake up – they may succeed,  – and then you’ll NEED your guns.

3 Responses to “Turkey’s Erdo?an Speaks Of Religious War”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Finally, another leader with balls!

  2. Kojack

    Great post, Mike, and thanks for the quick history lesson.

    “The whole cult of Islam is built on warfare and conquest – conversion by the sword.”

    What is it going to take for the elitists and the globalists to open their eyes and see what is going on after 1400 years of evidence?!?!? ISLAM IS A CULT – NOT A RELIGION!!!


  3. Panther 6

    Fantastic post and a bulls eye. The war of islamic conquest has not stopped for the last 1400 years; it went dormant sort of for the last 125 years but it is back now with a vengeance. They want islam to rule the world and won’t stop until they get it, or we stop them again. It must be done, but I don’t think it will be pretty.