Turd Of The Day: Chief Tim Hagel

Posted October 2nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Chief Hagel: “We don’t want Republicans here; – the only thing you could have done to make this worse was to invite Dick Cheney and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.” 
Thousand Oaks doesn’t have their own police force;  they contract with the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department for patrol coverage, – and thus drew the TURD Hagel…

Chief Hagel: (805) 494-8200

His boss – Ventura County Sheriff Bill Ayub: (805) 654-2380

2 Responses to “Turd Of The Day: Chief Tim Hagel”

  1. Mari Garcia

    This was a terrible decision on your part. You are the Chief of Police and you hate Republicans?!! They are not the enemy. Republicans are Americans as well.

  2. dena feld

    As a Democratic I am deeply concerned that a sheriff has such a bias against Republicans. Can he be counted on to be impartial. I think not. Politics has no place in the sheriff department. I will actively support any group which will try to remove Sheriff Hagel from office≥