Tuesday’s Primary Surprises

Posted June 27th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Colorado:   Walker Stapleton (pro-Trump, pro-2A)  47.9%

Maryland:  Former Army Chaplain Tony Campbell will attempt to unseat career Democrat Ben Cardin (age 74) (51 years on the public payroll)


New York State:   The upset of the night!   28 year old Bernie Babe – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, – running as a Democratic Socialist (wants free health care and open borders) beat 10-term Joe Crowley – the #4 Democrat in the House in the 14th CD.

WHAT EXACTLY do Socialists really mean when they talk about ‘democracy over fossil fuel industry profits’…?

Do they mean nationalizing the oil industry – like Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela…?

Joe was considered likely to replace Pelosi.



Oklahoma:   Ten (yes 10) Republican contenders were running to replace term-limited Governor Mary Fallin. The top two, – Mick Cornett and Kevin Stitt will face off in an August 28 run-off.   Both are pro-Life and pro-2A. Medical marijuana passed with 56%.


South Carolina:  Henry McMaster wins run-off with 54%. Trump was there rallying for him on Monday, – the event where the crowd went after CNN’s Acosta.


Utah:   That God-Damned anti-Trump RiNO Romney won 72%


There is a VERY SERIOUS DIVIDE about to split our country – between the Patriots who support our Constitution and President Trump,…

– and the now-openly Socialist globalists who want to disassemble our Young Republic and have our nation dissolve, – to become ‘just another place’ in the ‘world community’….

Before it’s over I expect blood to spill in our streets….

3 Responses to “Tuesday’s Primary Surprises”

  1. Clinton ma Tea party

    Ths conservative Trump wave will sweep the American landscape like “Its morning again in America.

  2. Joshua Norman

    Unfortunately, Donald Trump endorsed Mittens. Sad!

  3. Sonny's Mom

    Just learned about Tracy Lovvern, a Grafton Republican and small business owner challenging Jim McGovernment (tracyforcongress.com)