Tuesday, June 12th – Singapore!

Posted June 2nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

When Kim Jong Un tried his old bag of tricks to bully Mike Pence,  Trump quickly called the summit OFF!

So Kim dispatched his #2 Man – his Spymaster Kim Yong Chol with a personal letter to President Trump.  He must have written the right words….

Most of the American media have characterized these events as a combination of “Trump Bullied” or “Trump Panicked”….

…and until there’s a deal to build a Disney theme park in Pyongyang,  – they’ll continue to criticize everything Trump does as ‘falling short’.

Most of the people in the media (left-wing Propaganda Ministry) were born AFTER both the Korean War and the Vietnam War, – so they have ZERO perspective….

Young Americans have no idea how a series of terrible decisions set the stage for the North to believe they could invade the south in June 1950.   It started with Truman believing that future wars would all be NUCLEAR,…so we wouldn’t need a powerful Army or Marine Corps any more.

By the Fall of 1950,  MacArthur had pulled off a near-miracle turn-around of fortune;  – and some in the media were mentioning his name as a Republican Presidential Candidate….

But then, with VICTORY within our grasp,  – Truman denied MacArthur the atomic bombs he requested, just as Mao decided to send 1,500,000 hardened troops south to help the NorKs,  – and to be killed off by American bombers.

Mao didn’t want these guys hanging around – getting frustrated,  – and deciding that he was moving too slowly.  Let the Americans kill them off.

In American public schools today the causesconduct,  and outcome of the Korean War are not taught – and therefore not discussed.

And last week and this coming week,  these schools are turning out another year group of historically vacuous voters,  – more inclined to believe what they see on Facebook or Twitter,  – than what they remember from History Class. 

The Korean War began in June 1950.

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