Tuesday’s Dramatic Socialist Primary

Posted December 7th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Who will our MassHolers vote for tomorrow?

 Four Dems are in tomorrow’s Special Primary – each hoping to inherit the “Kennedy Seat*”.  Each claims to fully support National Health Care and the “public option” – although all four have thus far carefully avoided mentioning Obama’s name. 

Capuano Frank

Barney & Mike

Michael Capuano:   lawyer – mayor- 6-term über-liberal Rep from Mass 8th –  enjoys endorsements from Bwarny Fwank and Princess Pelosi


Pags in Davos

Pags in Davos


Stephen Pagliuca:    billionaire venture capitalist & Celtics owner looking for career change – opposes card check – endorsed by Donnie Wahlberg 


Coakley & SEIU
Coakley & SEIU

Martha Coakley:   ethically challenged Mass Attny General – made her bones prosecuting a British nanny – a stridently pro-abortion “Catholic”  – failed to prosecute pedophile priest or statehouse crook Sal DeMasi.  She’s been vilifying Wall Street and insurance companies.



Alan Khazei:  –   Harvard lawyer, founded City-Year – opposes gambling casinos for Mass – endorsed by Boston Glob, NYers Caroline Kennedy and Michael Bloomberg. 

*  Folks, – it’s NOT “Kennedy’s seat” – it’s our Gawd-damned seat!    None of these four should ever sit in it.  Let’s see if anybody in Massachusetts has learned anything since Nov ’08,   or are we really doomed to slide into socialism.   Let’s see if the winner invites Obama and Hillary [who won the ’08 primary here] to come campaign for them.

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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