Tucker Carlson Mocks Liberal Hypocrites

Posted April 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Friday nite Tucker highlighted how badly Democrat hypocrites (sorry – redundant words) are reacting to Trump’s idea of bussing hordes of arriving illegals into liberal sanctuary cities.  He mentioned the Beacon Hill area of Boston in particular – John Kerry’s home.

One might ~ think ~ that Tucker has been reading RRB.  Six minutes of quality mockery, – enjoy!

Of course, – you and I, – and Tucker – ALWAYS KNEW these liberals were utter hypocrites.

But many ordinary Americans – people who work hard for a living and ~ thought ~ the Democrats were on their side,…but never paid enough attention to politics to see the truth. And they got their news from the liberal media.

Now Trump has very simply lit a fuse to the powder keg, and we’ll all enjoy days of Democrat angst and furor – as they PROVE they don’t want busloads of unvetted Third World disease-laden migrants moving into their zip codes.

50 – year History Lesson:

If you’re too young to remember,  these SAME LIBERALS would demonstrate on college campuses and in front of draft boards in the late 60s and early 70s,  – against the Vietnam War….

…but then – when it came to accepting Vietnamese and Cambodian war refugees,…OH HELL NO – SENT THEM TO LOWELL AND LAWRENCE!!! NIMBY!

Back then Democrats were pretty set against BUSSING student to integrate schools too.  Google it!  It got damned nasty, troops had to be sent in.

The basic issues in Politics don’t change much generation-to-generation,  – just the lead players.

Beyond that it’s almost always about who will control the masses, what issues to obscure and fool them with,  – and how to insure you pass down WEALTH and POWER to your children

…and name roads and erect monuments to your own legacy.

With the advent in these past 200 years of “Democracy”,  – the new skill requirement is knowing how to buy votes – with taxpayer money.

One Response to “Tucker Carlson Mocks Liberal Hypocrites”

  1. panther 6

    I heard this segment on FRI night and thought Tucker nailed it very well. The demorats are without a doubt total and unadulterated hypocrites. Trump is hitting em where it hurts, where they live.