Tsongas Crew Breaking Election Rules

Posted November 1st, 2010 by Iron Mike

B R E A K I N G     S T O R Y

Tea Party Patriot reports – Tsongas crew doing a late-nite “decorating job” at a school / polling site in Chelmsford.  Pat McCarthy – [profiled a week ago] – 40-year lifetime Lowell Democrat was caught ‘red handed’ placing Tsongas signs on the school grounds.   Pretty cheezy Niki!   11:20 PM Update.

TEA Party Patriot updates – We got a report that there were Tsongas lawn signs all along the town property well with the 150′ set back at the Mc Carthy School on North Road.  I immediately hopped in the trusty SUV and headed to the Town Hall, the basement in the rear is the polling place for precincts 1 and 9.  There were Tsongas signs lining the drive.  I intercepted the Enterprise Rental van carrying the legal signs for standout at the polling places and the “illegal” lawn signs, cut it off and stopped it in the parking lot.  The wheelman was non other that Patrick Mc Carthy, of Westford Nashoba Tech blog fame and a white male about thirty.  I had some very harsh words with the two and told them in some rather salty language to get out of town or I would dial 911.  They left heading out Rt 129 probably to do the same at other polling locations in the surrounding towns.  I visited the Westlands School, the McCarthy, the Harrington and the Byam Scools and in total collected between 50 – 60 lawn signs all placed illegally on town property well with in the set back line.

2 Responses to “Tsongas Crew Breaking Election Rules”

  1. Rabid Republican

    Nice work, Mike. To all, be vigilant and report irregularities. Ask police who will be on patrol at ALL polling places for the demarcation line and have all encroaching signs removed. I’d suggest that you throw them in the dumpster. Illegal materials won’t be claimed, I’m sure. rr

  2. Jeffrey Wallens

    There is a lot going on. See

    Also see how they hassle Jim Buba