TSA Fires A TOKEN Clerk

Posted May 24th, 2016 by Iron Mike

When the airport lines don’t move – fire the CLERK!
TSA Leadership
Sometimes it seems like just yesterday when the Obama geniuses were trolling for TSA inspectors with ads on pizza boxes.  Then they bought full body scanners…

…but still the lines are long,…and they’re still giving the Anglo-Saxons, the Irish, and the Nordics deep scrutiny,…

  – while breezing through Muslim women in full jilbabs.

TSA wants more dogs

And still we hear news stories about TSA agents stealing from travelers.

No ‘crisis’ occurs without some design and planning. The Obama Cartel wants to hire more inspectors, – so first they laid some off to create a manpower shortage.

And the word went out,… “…slow it down to a crawl…”

And when the Media reported on the EFFECT – i.e. the LONG LINES,  – TSA and Homeland Security were quick to respond: 

they fired the career clerk!

But don’t worry about Kelly Hoggan;  he’ll surface within weeks at some other cushy office job where his years of party loyalty will be appreciated.  And of course he’ll get to keep all those bonuses he got last year….

Admiral Pete Neffenger has his replacement flying in already.  Darby LaJoye has been running things at LAX,  – he’ll take over the thankless job of motivating TSA agents to move the crowds through the inspection lines,…a ~ little ~ faster….

.if ONLY we had more manpower….[sigh]….  Darby is a former Army Infantry officer, …he knows all about waiting in lines…..

Darby LaJoye

And the game goes on….

QUESTION:  Are you sufficiently distracted from the FBI’s slow-walking the Hillary Clinton email investigation…?

3 Responses to “TSA Fires A TOKEN Clerk”

  1. Varvara

    while breezing in muslim women

    When I was in the Switzerland airport two women came up for the passport and ticket review. They were behind me and I paused to watch. They were sent to the end of the corridor, to a room with windows that faced out to a large nothing. I came up with the thought that if they had a bomb then the only damage would blow out, not in the space with the other passengers. The other thought was that they would remove their head scarf in privacy. These were well dressed women in suits and silk head scarves with gold pins holding them in place.

  2. Hunter556

    There is nothing more evil than an administrator.

  3. Clinton ma tea party

    Any government entity that can makeup fake incidence so they can keep getting their funding from Congress for their phony-baloney jobs needs to be done away with. This organisation has been useless since day one. It is time to either have the military or private companies protect our citizens in aircraft