TSA’s Pizza Box Troll

Posted July 12th, 2010 by Iron Mike

You just know that somebody got an “Attaboy Award” for this.

So I want to be fair.  I’m NOT going to blame the brand-new TSA Administrator  John S. Pistole, [former DepDir of the FBI] who was just sworn in this month.  This was already in the works. 

I’m putting it on the Interim TAS Administrator Gail D. Rossides [career of sitting on boards and panels] and on the HR dweeb – Dick Witford [career govt HR dweeb] for thinking this one up – and/or giving it their approval.

Think about this for a moment.  The Washington – Baltimore area has been suffering 10+% unemployment ever since Obama took office.  There are hordes of unemployed folks there – some even without criminal records, – and some of those who don’t even do drugs. 

So the agency who is charged with safeguarding us from airborne suicide bombers and hijackers – is using pizza boxes to troll for agents?  Are inside air-conditioned jobs not in demand any more?   I guess the help-wanted ads in the local DC newspapers really aren’t getting to those who need to see them.  And the fine print . . . hey, maybe this does make some sense!

So how many government employees are we paying to run the pizza box program?  And is it funded?  Ask Congress:

House Subcommittee on Transportation Security and Infrastructure Protection

Sheila Jackson-Lee, Texas [dumbest congresswoman ever]
Peter DeFazio, Oregon
Eleanor Holmes Norton, District of Columbia 
Ann Kirkpatrick, Arizona
Emanuel Cleaver, Missouri
James A. Himes, Connecticut
Dina Titus, Nevada
Charles W. Dent, Pennsylvania (Ranking Member)
Daniel E. Lungren, California
Pete Olson, Texas
Candice S. Miller, Michigan
Steve Austria, Ohio

Tell them how much safer you feel.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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