Trump’s Surprise Appearance!

Posted June 15th, 2018 by Iron Mike

This may well be the most delightful 30-minutes you’ll see this month,  – when Trump spotted the Fox & Friends crew on the WH lawn,  and wandered out for an impromptu appearance with Steve Doocy.

Please note:  no teleprompter!    Enjoy the video! 

As I watched this exchange I was mindful that Steve Doocy is a pretty sharp guy himself to pull this off without any prep or warning….

.but I was also struck with how genuine Trump is,  – relaxed with an old friend,  – and able to shift from topic-to-topic and never say anything that could compromise either a negotiation or an investigation. (So very unlike Obama….)

The left-wing media and their Democrat Masters will never understand this man.

One Response to “Trump’s Surprise Appearance!”

  1. Catherine

    I loved how he kept taking pot shots at fake media especially cnn, just calmly working them in. I do wish Mr Doocy had let him finish some of his thoughts, but yes a good job with the very impromptu interview.

    Mr Trump is a master at saying exactly what he wants to get out, while staying within the bounds of un-compromised negotiations and investigations.

    He showed himself a master with “little rocket man” – yes WE got everything we wanted (peace, hostages, remains of US servicemen from the Korean War, and more) but also Kim gets to say that HE got everything he wanted (no US invasion or attack, trade, lifting of sanctions soon, no US puppet government installed). The video he sent out beforehand was amazing – Scott Adams (Dilbert creator) had a terrific analysis of it on Twitter.