Trump’s New Battleground State TV Ad

Posted August 20th, 2016 by Iron Mike

We’re starting to see the parts of a very disciplined campaign – as this ad is focused on the so-called battleground states….
Trump new TV ad
Does a nice job of defining the issues

Can’t wait to see if Dems will answer with her rasping voice….

Arabs bought Hillary

She stationed a gay US Ambassador in the midst of hostile radical Islamists,  – tasked him with smuggling weapons out of Libya,…  

then stripped away his security detachment,  

and LIED when he was killed….

Benghazi Cover Story

…and then she ‘got angry’ when Congress wanted answers?

But,…Democrats ONLY care….that she has a vagina!

2 Responses to “Trump’s New Battleground State TV Ad”

  1. MC

    Love this ad. Hope he keeps more coming like it.

  2. Mt Woman

    It’s about time he began acting like the next President of the United States!
    Hope his poll numbers begin changing direction-quick!!