Trump’s Message: GBU 43 MOAB!

Posted April 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

The days of that pussy-footing double-talking Obama weasel are OVER!
The usual left-wing sob-sisters will wring their hands,  – some will haul out their old anti-war t-shirts and march;….but America as a force to be reckoned with is BACK!

Whether it is sending 59 Tomahawk missiles against Assad’s airfield,…or a GBU-43 against an ISIS cave complex in Eastern Afghanistan,….Thump has signaled that his Combat Commanders have their former level of authority back.

He’s giving the generals authority,….he’ll expect results.  Watch for other bad players to get an unexpected ass-whipping,…in the wee small hours before dawn.

Staff Sergeant Mark De Alencar,  ISIS will rue the day they killed you,…as will others around the world. We’ll miss you,  we thank you,…and we’ll remember you!  Save us a seat….

UPDATE:   Friday, 14 April 2017   Watch the bomb strike!  

Watch carefully about the 4 second mark and you can actually see the bomb falling.

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  1. GreenBeretLTC


    Sadly, our warrior family will miss SSG Alencar. I hope he’ll save me a seat, also….