Trump’s Classy Thank-You Gathering

Posted February 7th, 2020 by Iron Mike

I watched this gathering live,  I thought Trump was humble,  grateful, and rightfully angry at the lying charlatans who tormented his first three years in office.

Of course the left-wing media called it a Victory Lap.  I never had that feeling as I watched.  I saw a true gentleman thanking a room full of good people who had kept the faith.

What History may fail to fully record is how many Democrats – both in high office and back at home,  – had convinced themselves that Trump was both evil, and treasonous, – and that he was working with the Russians.

Rendered unable to PROVE any of that by the Mueller Report,  – they’d grasped at Ukrainian straws to impeach him anyway.   Proof be damned,  – hearsay evidence from a disgraced ambassador and a lackluster lieutenant colonel was good enough.

Plus,  – they had a ‘whistleblower’….

Their hatred has fomented over three years to the point where today they STILL want to see Trump and his family in prison. 

It is a sickness we call “Trump Derangement Syndrome”,  – but it is hardly a joke or a cliché.   It is dangerous to our Nation.

Behold the irony:  Nixon was impeached over a political burglary of the DNC’s offices,  and a 17-minute gap in a tape recording.  He resigned.  Nixon hadn’t known about the break-in;  – he merely tried to cover up for some over-zealous supporters.

The Watergate scandal resulted in 69 government officials being charged and 48 being found guilty,  – with over a dozen serving prison time.

Hillary, the DNC, – and the Democrats in the DC Swamp bought a ‘dossier’ about ‘Golden Showers’, used it to lie to the FISA COURT,  – wiretapped Trump and his supporters,  plotted (while at work) to overthrow the results of a legitimate election,  – and STILL nobody has gone to jail.

And still TODAY Hillary is trying to get on the Democrat Ticket as the Vice President. 

3 Responses to “Trump’s Classy Thank-You Gathering”

  1. Kojack

    Having the HILDEBEAST as your VP would be more dangerous than standing between a hippopotamus and his water.

    It gives me the warm & fuzzies to think of Hussein & his cabal in orange jumpsuits and bracelets doing the purp walk but I doubt it will ever happen.

  2. Sherox

    There should be a public hanging for these traitors.

  3. Clinton ma Tea party

    Where is J Edgar Hoover when we need him? We also need The Un-American activity committee back. Why doesn’t AG Barr arrest some of these scumbags Traitors. Hillary. Soros. Obama.


    Because that would make us no better than the Third World, where each new administration goes after and jails the previous administration.