Trumps Cancel Press Christmas Party

Posted December 13th, 2018 by Iron Mike

It’s been an annual event – a low-key Christmas party for the Media hosted by the President. Then last year CNN made an ugly gesture.
Trump-hating CNN (Jim Acosta) could have quietly decided not to attend last year,  – but instead made a highly public rude gesture.  Acosta was showboating,  – trying to make a public martyr of himself.  It did not go unnoticed.

Matters were made more uncomfortable this year when Acosta was rude to Trump during a press conference,  and had his WH press pass pulled.

Then within weeks many media outlets made a point of ridiculing Melania’s choice of Red Christmas Trees,…

– without ever bothering to research that they represent an ancient Eastern European Christmas Tradition…

The Trumps don’t suffer fools lightly…..

This year’s Media Christmas Party has been CANCELED!

At RRB, we’re pretty sure that Jeff Zucker and Jim Acosta will step up and host their OWN Christmas Party for the left-wing WH Press Corps….

…and maybe invite the Clintons,  and those anti-Trump celebrities Attorney Michael Avenatti and his famous client Stormy Daniels….  Everybody will want their picture taken with her!

4 Responses to “Trumps Cancel Press Christmas Party”

  1. Varvara

    Good for President Trump!

  2. Ben

    Oo-rah! Good for him. I can’t stand those phonies, should not give then the time of day.
    Here’s a president finally filling his campaign promises and all they want to do is get rid of him. We got a president who wants what is best for our people and our country. We have to have his back.

  3. Panther 6

    Concur with comments above. The Press is so infatuated with themselves and anti Trump that they fail to see approaching issues and decisions with a proper attitude of what is good for the country is the way to go.

    Not one major media except FOX has even tried to be civil to our President and hence have brought this on themselves. OK, OK sometimes Mr. Trump helps nudge them on, I grant that but he is trying to do what people elected him for, not what the media wants.

    Sometimes to get things done you need a Mother THeresa, other time you need Dirty Harry. We needed and got the latter in 2016.

  4. Walter Knight

    All media perks should be cancelled, including free travel with the President.