Trump’s 5-State SWEEP!

Posted April 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

5 state sweep
Exit polls are very telling;  the establishment RiNOs will be drinking VERY heavily tonight!

Democrats spent the past 40 years driving blue-collar jobs out of the Northeast,  – now voters are having their say….

One Response to “Trump’s 5-State SWEEP!”

  1. Jim

    So, the Donald, the one everyone says they hate, racks up another 5!

    I’m waiting for the media to start circling others. And Cruz couldn’t come in even 2nd in most places. Even their master plan to gang up on Trump bit them in the ass.

    Kasich is off for etiquette lessons. Cruz was seen checking out an updated copy of The Prince to try to learn some strategy. It turns out that a campaign is much more than a debate.