Trump Was RIGHT About Sweden!

Posted April 8th, 2017 by Iron Mike

When Trump said Sweden was under attack the Left mocked him,  implying that he was bombastic and misinformed,  – maybe even unstable.  But he was right.

The Swedish government has been trying to cover up the ugly truth about an epidemic of Muslims raping Swedish women,….but a stolen truck plowing into a downtown crowd in broad daylight is much harder to brush under the rug.

10 years ago the Swedes thought they were being good Christians by openly welcoming Muslim ‘refugees’ from Africa and the Middle East.  They thought they were Europe’s most ‘socially enlightened and advanced’ nation.

But soon there was an epidemic of Muslims assaulting and then raping Swedish women,….young Muslim ‘refugee’ men behaving as if any woman in the open was ‘a slut who was asking for it’….as told in their Qur’an.

Of course the truth wasn’t about ‘a few bad apples’,  – the truth is about a clash of cultures and an undeclared war on Western Civilization.   Muslims were conquering Sweden by the penis.

And still the Government was in denial…..and they restricted the response by police.   They wanted to stay “Welcoming”….

So citizens began to take matters into their own hands.  The Soldiers of Odin formed chapters in most Scandinavian countries – to turn the tide of Muslim thuggery.  There have been very brutal clashes.

Here in the USA – with Spring upon us and Summer coming,…the opportunities for the lone-wolf Muslim truck attack are everywhere.

In Massachusetts it begins on Monday April 17th – with the Boston Marathon.

A police officer’s service pistol is not enough to stop a determined suicide driver in a stolen truck from plowing into a crowd of spectators – conveniently grouped in a mass behind a police barricade.

So long as America’s Liberal Left refuses to acknowledge reality,…refuses to understand that 9/11, Fort Hood, the Marathon Bombing, and the Pulse Nightclub are all parts of a 1400 year old Muslim War against all things Western….

.then no president and no government can protect our people from being fed into the Islamic wood-chipper.

And then there are the stupid Americans who want to give them ‘Sanctuary’,  EBT cards,  free education,  free housing,…while their young men plan ways of killing masses of us.

Try to remember why Columbus sailed WEST!

Note how Trump is mocked at the end of this video.

Arm yourselves Americans! Get licensed to carry.

Keep at least 500 rounds – in two separate places.

4 Responses to “Trump Was RIGHT About Sweden!”

  1. Sonny's Mom

    So far Trump has shown excellent instincts, time after time.

    The Soldiers of Odin have gone international, forming chapters outside Finland including Canada and the US. Its founder, himself a white supremacist, claims that very few members share his views and that it’s a rules-based organization. Already receiving negative attention from a few MSM and left news outlets. But then, so did the Guardian Angels– which has been active for nearly 40 years and has an effective if low-key community presence and a much more positive image. The left has made illegal immigration a sympathy issue, but crime is crime, no matter who’s behind it.

  2. Panther 6

    The islamic problem is here, amongst us just below the surface. It will erupt just when and where they choose to our detriment. The radical adherents to this despicable political system hidden within a religion will not be stopped till they are either dead or converted to another tolerant and peaceful religion. There is no peace in islam until the whole world submits to them. It is in their book and unless THEY change the book it isn’t going to stop.

  3. jim buba

    Yes, well nobody seemed to notice in 2014, when the crime rate spiked in Sweden and the Liberal response was to change the way crime statistics were tabulated.

    The same was done here and it has the same effect. A rape is not a ‘rape’ in Sweden until after a conviction. The complaint is not filed under ‘Rape’ until that is so. Simple assault is the line item that masks the tragedies mentioned above.

    Don’t forget, the 2015 rule by the Crown (and prime minister) to erect and enforce immigration check-points at all ports of entry in Sweden.

    The rest? Why, ‘widows and orphans’, of course.

  4. Kojack

    Well said Panther. Wild Bill said in 1 of his YouTube clips that according to history when muslims reach 5% of the population that’s when they begin making demands such as banning pork from public schools etc. When they reach 20% that’s when you’ll see the things that are happening in Europe. We can use these indicators as warning signs be prepared for the next step.