Trump Walked Into An Ambush!

Posted October 15th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Well,  at least he’s taking viewers from China Joe Biden.

Twice I flipped to the Biden event,  – and the way Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos was treating Biden made me think they were already sitting in the Oval Office.

Stephanopoulos NEVER asked any questions about Biden’s son Hunter,  – or about his Ukraine or Chinese dealings.

Since Stephanopoulos fancies himself as a ‘Journalist’,  – you would think he’d at least ask one question about the NY Post story about those incriminating Hunter Biden emails….

You’d think…..

One Response to “Trump Walked Into An Ambush!”

  1. Kojack

    The SHEER DISRESPECT and MASK-SHAMING by FAT-ASS GUTHRIE right from the start made this an UN-WATCHABLE CLUSTER-FUCK. President Trump should be CANONIZED for not only being able to stay calm, cool, collected and in control but also not GETTING UP AND BEATING THAT DISPICABLE LOW-LIFE WITH THE STOOL HE WAS SITTING ON!!! I tuned in during the commercial breaks on the Tucker Carlson show and saw that there was little improvement with the constant interruptions from the UGLY, DISPICABLE FAT-ASS.

    From what little I saw, I thought Trump handled the questions from the DUMMYCRAP PACKED AUDIENCE WELL.

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