Trump Up Early And WORKING!

Posted December 2nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Remember back in 2016 when his many detractors dismissed Trump as “just a reality show blowhard”?  Three years later they’re learning (to their chagrin / our delight) that he is an astute businessman able to juggle many balls at the same time.
AND,  he keeps acting solely in the interest of the American People.  By doing so,  he has easily equaled Reagan, and is approaching Lincoln in stature and lasting impact.  In my lifetime there hasn’t been a harder working US President!

For your average Democrat – who truly looks at you,  your paycheck,  your home,  and your business as bottomless ATM machines,….understanding the concept of foreign currency manipulation and knowing what to do about it,…is just plain ‘FOREIGN’…(pun intended).

On those few occasions when Democrats actually recognize a PROBLEM,  – their knee-jerk response is to create another GOVERNMENT AGENCY funded by ANOTHER TAX – to address it;  – then they spend years – even decades, insuring that the agency grows with offices in every major US city….

…because they all have mediocre friends and relatives who need government jobs.

Trump actually understands the cause / effects of these things – and offers solutions:

By seeing past the bullshit of the Democrat’s DC Swamp, and understanding what tariffs and interest rates do to trade and the incentives to investors to build and hire here in the USA,  – Trump is quite literally cutting off the flow of bribes, kickbacks, and “speaking fees” that have lined Democrat pockets for decades….

.as in asking the newly elected Reform Ukrainian Government to reopen their old corruption investigation into Burisma and find out why Hunter Biden was worth $60,000 per month as a “Board Member”,  – when he doesn’t even speak the language.

Democrats in Congress KNOW that any such investigation in the Ukraine would quickly embroil both daddy Joe Biden and Obama himself – further tainting “Obama’s Legacy as First Black President”.

Once the majority of Americans grasp the fact that those 8 Obama years were all a gigantic and brazen HOAX,  the core reason for the Democrat Party falls apart.

They are NOT the “Party of the People”;  – they are the Party of the SLAVE OWNERS,  – from 1828 – through the Civil War,  – through Jim Crow,  -through the KKK,  – through EBT Voter Plantations, – to this very day.

Democrat politicians never ‘help average Americans’;  – they mock and despise ‘average Americans, – calling where you live “the fly-over country”

So there was our President – early this morning before the Democrats even got out of their beds,  – working to make OUR COUNTRY stronger and more economically secure,  – and to give OUR farmers a fighting chance in the world marketplace.

No wonder Democrats are so anxious to impeach him,  – he makes them look so inept,  so lazy,  and so corrupt!

One Response to “Trump Up Early And WORKING!”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Even our local democrat paper, the Tampa Bay Times ran a small story buried somewhere in the paper in last few days saying a “poll” showed more Republicans than less think Trump is a more magnificent president than Lincoln.

    Trouble is with democrat locals, they probably don’t know who Lincoln is/was.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative