Trump: Unafraid, Unapologetic, and Winning!

Posted August 26th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The self-funded non-politician doesn’t need to curry favor or walk the media tightropes, catering to their agenda issues. It has them baffled, befuddled and pissed.
Media War Trump WINNING
Together with the Dems and RiNOs, – they’re out to ‘get him’ – at all costs!

So while we ~ might wish ~ Donald would use gentler language,  – we fully understand his anger at Megyn Kelly’s attack on Debate Night,…and Univision’s pro-Mexican agenda…which is NOT a pro-American agenda…

Both Univision and Fox are in the entertainment business.

News has become a necessary commodity,  – used to pull in viewers and thus justify higher fees to advertisers,..i.e. – more profit.  To the credit of Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes, – they have been wildly successful.

Roger Ailes Megyn Kelly

Thus Megyn’s line of questioning  – mostly directed at or to isolate Trump on August 6th in Cleveland,  – was more in the interest of Fox – and promoting Ms. Kelly,  – than it was about a balanced and polite ‘compare and contrast’ event to showcase and differentiate the 10 Republican front-runners.

Trump was ready for her, – and he knows how to keep an issue alive.

Now – suddenly Fox is cast in the same role and mode as the Democratic Left – trying to make the issue about women, – and not about the real and urgent problems facing the country.  We need to remember that Kelly threw the first stones…

Univision’s agenda is far different. Their audience is mostly Mexican and illegal immigrants, many who cling to the myths of ATZLAN and “stolen lands”.

They believe that the American Southwest from Texas to Oregon is rightfully Mexico, – taken by force of arms, and thus they are not ‘illegal immigrants’ – but the rightful landowners…


Don’t expect anybody at Univision to understand or care about our Constitution or our laws, – deep in their hearts they see us as ‘occupiers‘.  Their long-term agenda is to out-pace us in having babies,  until as is the case in California today,  – there are more Mexicans than gringos.

So Univision’s Jorge Ramos came last night with an agenda – challenging Trump’s views on the 14th Amendment.

The contrast between candidates is stark:

When Democrat Martin ‘Rainwater’ O’Malley said “White Lives Matter too” – he was attacked and quickly apologized.

When RiNO Jeb Bush spoke about Asian anchor babies [a big business] – Democrats in Congress and the media attacked – and he back-peddled.

Trump ain’t backing down.  Last night in Iowa he had the Univision anchor Jorge Ramos ejected from the hall.

RRB readers need to know he is also suing Univision for breach of contract – for $500 Million Dollars.

Since they are litigants,  he need not tolerate their presence at his events,  – or entertain their questions. And he make it VERY clear that he isn’t!

Paola & Jorge Ramos

By now most Americans are grasping that Trump’s run is far more than a media stunt.  He’s in it to win, – and backing his play with his own money.  This is no Pat Paulson!

Pat Paulsen 1968

Thus the anger and vitriol from the ‘Press’, – who for the past 50 or 60 years have been used to driving and controlling the national conversation.

Today young people don’t take journalism courses to become great reporters and to expose the truth;  they expect to “CHANGE THE WORLD”  – by manipulating the story line and only telling the parts which favor their agenda – be it global citizenship or global warming or GLBT Rights….

Most of the candidates in the race today are masters at going along with the media – to get favorable bookings,  – warm fuzzy interviews,  – and have their dark family secrets discreetly ignored and buried – like FDR’s polio and Obama’s birth certificate and attending colleges as a ‘foreign student’.

Trump confounds them!   He isn’t knuckling under.  He’s not kowtowing to their tyranny and yet ~ somehow ~,…he is still monopolizing their news cycles.


BOTH Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump fully understand what’s really going on;….

…the issue isn’t ‘immigration‘,…

…it’s migration and invasion…and we’re losing to the Aztecs…


10 Responses to “Trump: Unafraid, Unapologetic, and Winning!”

  1. Jim Gettens

    A bullying, cowardly, ill-mannered, ignorant blowhard leads the Republican field. Ain’t America wonderful?!

  2. Sherox

    I have no idea why when the US wishes to uphold its immigration laws it is classified as racist but when the “racist” policies of Mexico are upheld, that is not racist? Each country has its right and duty to uphold its own laws and enact laws that are in the best interest of its citizens.

  3. Hawk17776

    I don’t think Trump is ignorant.



  5. Jeff Wallens

    My problem with Trump isn’t just that he is a “bullying, cowardly, ill-mannered, ignorant blowhard.” My problem is that I don’t trust him. Why should I believe anything he says? He supported Democrats and Democrat policies all his life. I don’t care what he says, I care what he has done. I would greatly prefer Cruz or Carly- someone who hasn’t spent their lives supporting the enemy.

  6. Jim Gettens

    Girl on Fire: Carly Fiorina…

    Unlike Trump, when she opens her mouth she stakes out her positions in clear, compelling, and coherent fashion because she has researched the underlying operative facts and has thought through their ramifications.

    Interesting to note that Trump has not trashed Fiorina, who stood up for Megyn Kelly. Trump knows that Fiorina is brilliant and can shred him in a paragraph.

  7. Len Mead

    To Jim Gettens,
    Calling Trump, a successful businessman running for president: “A bullying, cowardly, ill-mannered, ignorant blowhard” does not do you well.
    Liberals use insults and smear tactics without FACTS to destroy those with whom they disagree.
    Conservative usually don’t.
    Throw out a few facts and arguments next time, please.
    Len Mead

  8. Jim Gettens

    To Len Mead,

    Trump inherited wealth and property from his father then played the political donation game to further his interests. He donated often to Democrat office holders. If he’s your paragon of Republican successful businessman running for president then nothing I say will dissuade you.

    Trump’s modus operandi is the spouting of exaggerations and hyperbole having some factual content, then issuing ‘clarifications’ and ‘walk backs’ after being confronted by questioners possessing more detailed facts undermining Trump’s earlier assertions. Often he just persists in pure bullshit such as “I will make Mexico pay for the Wall.” Yeah, right, Donald, and I can sell you the George Washington Bridge…

    As for his insults to various women, including Megyn Kelly, yeah, he IS a bully and coward who deserves to get knocked on his sorry ass. If he insulted any women in my family in the manner that he’s insulted other women, I’d happily utilize my training and snap his neck with my hands.

    If you do indeed prefer FACTS and COHERENT ANALYSES from a Republican candidate, then you should be supporting Carly Fiorina, who REALLY IS a self-made business-person. She started out as a secretary in a real estate agency.

    Jim Gettens

  9. Walter Knight

    The next televised debate is on CNN. There is no reason for Trump to be polite to the press. The press are the enemy, and will never be happy. Trump should give them the one-fingered salute like Chaney did.

    Ramos was not asking questions. He was giving a speech. He should have been arrested for trying to disrupt Trump’s meeting with the real press.

  10. Jim Gettens

    Here is a compelling analysis of the damage Trump is doing to real Republicans, especially factoring in the falling percentage of whites in the electorate.–on-his-own-party/2015/08/26/7418c2c8-4b4c-11e5-84df-923b3ef1a64b_story.html

    Hey, Donald, thanks for screwing us in 2016.