Trump Tweets BLUNT WARNING To Iran

Posted July 23rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

It is so refreshing to have a US President with BALLS!

The Democrats are sure Trump is about to launch WWIII,  JUST as they thought they’d be able to impeach him…

It’s about time.   With their pallet loads of fresh Obama ca$h the Twelvers have become mighty uppity and snarly of late.   BUT, now we have a President with the stones to clean up Jimmy Carter’s putrid mess.

Anybody remember those 444 days of the Hostage Crisis under Jimmy Carter – or his inept micro-managed rescue attempt…?

Can you remember back 2½ years ago to where our pussified US Navy let 4 small Iranian speedboats capture two riverine craft and 10 sailors (including a female they made wear a head-covering)…?

So you FULLY understand, – this incident happened because the Persians had watched training and discipline in our Navy deteriorate under the 7 years Obama had been president;  – so they waited,  – and grabbed our weakest link,  – without a shot being fired.

Then those traitors Kerry and Obama sent a planeload of CA$H to Iran – and weren’t going to tell anybody,…but word leaked out…

With their pockets full of US CA$H,  the Iranians have been renewing their efforts to destabilize Israel, mostly by encouraging the Arabs in Gaza to storm the border fences.  And they’ve been threatening the USA.

Our President has heard enough:

Seems clear enough to me!

I think Trump is being a true gentleman by issuing them a warning.   (Do you suppose this is something he discussed in secret with Putin last Monday…?)

3 Responses to “Trump Tweets BLUNT WARNING To Iran”

  1. Panther 6

    Agree that the Carter and BHO mess in Iran needs to be sorted out. We need a revolution from the streets of Iran to over throw the IMAMS. They have always been a true threat to peace in the middle east and to the whole world. They are religious crazies who can’t be trusted,,,,end of that story.

  2. Kojack

    Can’t wait to see our navy splash some of their little swarm boats.

  3. Ben

    Finally! We have a President. One who will take names and kick ass, no more mister nice guy to get crapped on. love it. OORAH