Trump Teaches Key Leadership Lesson

Posted October 27th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The strike overnight on a compound in northwest Syria,  – which killed ISIS founder Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is B-I-G NEWS.  In stark contrast to Obama, Trump showed future presidents how to deal with these moments in History….

The keys are personal humility and giving full credit to those who faced the danger, – those who made the mission possible, – even the only casualty – a military dog wounded by the suicide blast which killed the terror leader and his three human shields – his own children.

In case your memory of May 2011 is fuzzy, – this is how Obama looked – dragged in off the golf course at the last minute to sit in the corner for the photo, – as Navy SEALs closed in on bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan….

Hours later – with his speech loaded into the teleprompter,  Obama took FULL CREDIT for “fearlessly ordering the mission into Pakistan”… He made it all about himself.

You ~ may ~ also remember that Slow Joe Biden,  wanting to act as if he was important, – had ALREADY LEAKED the identity of the troops involved,  – thus painting a TARGET on their backs.

These two events provide future leaders with the perfect examples of the WRONG WAY and the RIGHT WAY to conduct business. 

As I post this entry on this Happy Sunday Morning,  – I can’t wait for Slow Joe and Wishbone Willard to explain to us exactly how Trump got everything wrong…

Ever wonder about Willard…  Five (5) sons – not one of them ever spent a day in uniform…?

3 Responses to “Trump Teaches Key Leadership Lesson”

  1. Aloha Snackbar

    None spent a day in uniform because he knew, as does anyone in Congress, that their children would be targets.

  2. Sue Ianni

    Hello, Mike! Absolutely love the Blog! Very clever, witty, made me laugh. Intelligent analysis! Will definitely share and recommend on my Facebook!
    Keep on blogging!

  3. Vince

    I love the way President Trump tells it like it is.