Trump Talks “Animals” In Bethpage NY

Posted May 23rd, 2018 by Iron Mike

Trump held a roundtable in Bethpage, Long Island to reinforce his feelings about the Salvadorian gang MS-13.

Some familiar faces – including a chagrin-looking Rod Rosenstein, clearly feeling uncomfortable seated with the President he has so willfully betrayed.  2 videos:

MS-13:  “Kill,  Rape,  Control”

These savages are in at least 40 of our 50 states,  and are recruiting faster than a Democrat can raise taxes…

Thank Obama for winking at this scourge for 8 years.

Here in Massachusetts, when Deval Patrick was asked what was he doing about MS-13,  – he said he’d “… never heard of them”

4 Responses to “Trump Talks “Animals” In Bethpage NY”

  1. integrity 1st

    Does anyone happen to know if it was MS-13 that in Lawrence a 16 year old decapitated and cut off both arms of his “best friend”? Never heard anything more about it after they caught the kid.


  2. Mt Woman

    Nancy Pelosi said: They are all God’s children, not animals! I think you are all being way too (hic) judgmental–they are just misunderstood boys.

  3. Kojack

    “Thank Obama for winking at this scourge for 8 years.”


  4. Panther 6

    These guys are the lowest slime alive and are even worse than animals. Animals have a natural code of life that moves them to do things to survive. These scum are unreal and should be removed from our streets and country. The President was correct in terming MS 13 as he did; but he could have been harder on them.

    Nancy PeeLoosely should spend a few hours in a jail cell with a couple of them. She might sing a different tune.

    And for the MSM the President did not term immigrants per se as animals, only the MS 13 scum.