Trump Talks About Venezuela In Miami

Posted February 18th, 2019 by Iron Mike

President’s Day:  Trump addresses an audience of Venezuelan and Cuban refugees,  and promises that this country will never become socialist.

When the people of Venezuela are free,  – when Cuba is free,  – when Nicaragua is free, – this will be the FIRST FREE Hemisphere in all of Human History!”

For 8 long horrible years I used cringe before and during each Obama utterance….sometimes it was all I could do to keep listening – so I could write about it here on RRB….

But now I look forward to each speech and press conference.  Trump is clearly on OUR SIDE,  – he has a vision for our future and for the World,  – and he makes me proud!

And so it was this afternoon…. Enjoy!

One Response to “Trump Talks About Venezuela In Miami”

  1. Vic

    I bet this speech gave Obama a few more grey hairs! Awesome!