Trump Storms Rio Rancho New Mexico!

Posted September 17th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The President came to Rio Rancho – a suburb of Albuquerque, – to reassure Patriots in this Democrat riddled state that they are really part of the majority.

We suspect that their MoonBat governor Grisham stayed home – sulking.  VIDEO

All 5 of New Mexico’s people in Washington – 2 senators and 3 reps – are Democrats.  Flipping this state will need a groundswell of WalkAway Dems who understand what the Democrat Party had done to their state and their future.

Governor Grisham is the pro-illegal governor who dispatched law enforcement to the border – NOT to catch illegals,  – but to stop a volunteer militia that was catching the illegals.

One Response to “Trump Storms Rio Rancho New Mexico!”

  1. Jim Buba

    Just when are the American People going to wrap their arms around $13,000/mo Assisted Living costs?

    You can stay at Five Star Hotels for less, but take the Three Star Hotels. Better food, better access and displace an illegal alien while your at it.