Trump Starts Picking; Liberals Pucker

Posted November 19th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Trump’s first three picks to help him run the country – and set it straight again,  – send a very clear signal:  that wasn’t just ‘campaign rhetoric’,   – he really means business!
He is showing a clear determination to take on the two major threats to our way of life – illegal immigration and ISIS BOOM!   LibTurds are in contortions.

In 2009 we knew that Obama had little interest in America’s oversea commitments – or in looming overseas threats,  – when he appointed a lawyer as his National Security Advisor.  He was uninterested in foreign affairs,  – he just wanted a lawyer to craft smooth statements,…and plausible deniability.


After Benghazi, he tried to promote proven liar Susan Rice to SecState, – but settled with making her National Security Advisor,  – since the Senate doesn’t need to confirm that posting.

Now we’ll have a seasoned warrior in that job,  and one with a proven track record of fearlessly speaking truth to power.


Just compare Jeff Sessions – a conservative constitutionalist with Obama’s racist agenda-driven AG picks – Holder and Lynch…who seemed determined to focus on race and always against the police.


8 priceless years of America’s first Black presidency were squandered with a barrage of racist attacks from the White house and the Justice Department….

…while the lot and the lives of American Blacks got no better in any measurable way.

Unemployment for Blacks under age 30 rose to 40%,  and Obama did nothing about it – except to keep our southern border porous and undefended.   Change is coming.

Defanging the Never-Trump RiNO Leader…

This weekend Trump will meet with Mitt Romney – the de facto leader of the failed Never-Trump movement.

Rumor is Mittens is being considered for SecState – a move that cannot but wound supporters John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani….

Trump is a businessman, and a pragmatist.   He understands acquisitions and mergers, – and he understands how to neuter a potential competitor.


If Romney is offered State, – or perhaps Ambassador to China or England, – or even Russia,….it means that Trump is no novice to statecraft.  He’s doing exactly what Obama did 8 years ago when Obama hired Hillary.

And Trump can always fire the RiNO SOB!

I’m not gloating…(much),….but it is fun watching the LibTurds twisting themselves into pretzels as Trump begins to deliver on his campaign promises.

Hey LibTurds,…remember when Obama told McCain that “Elections have consequences”…?

4 Responses to “Trump Starts Picking; Liberals Pucker”

  1. Walter Knight

    There won’t be any sentimental picks by president-elect Trump. They will produce, or be FIRED. I’m picturing Ro9mney being sent on errands overseas. Hmmm. Considering how harsh Romney was during the election it would take guts to trust him. I would still be bitter, but obviously Trump has moved on.

  2. Raymond Smithson

    Trump wants their expertise not their personality,, is he a Rhino,, did the liberal media make him one? Let’s wait and see what comes down the pipe..

  3. Chris Austin

    If you are concerned about the petition that asks the Electoral College Electors to elect Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump, (currently with 4M+ signatures), you can sign an opposing petition, that asks the Electors to keep faith with the voters:

  4. Hawk1776

    I think Giuliani would have made a terrific AG. I’m not sure about Secretary of State. I’ve always like Bolton. If not Secretary of State I hope he finds a position somewhere in the Trump administration. I’ve always liked Romney too. (Yes, I’m wearing asbestos skivvies). Let’s not forget General Mattis for Secretary of Defense.