Trump Sells His Vision In New Hampshire

Posted August 15th, 2015 by Iron Mike

The largest crowd ever at Winnacunnet High School in Hampden, NH, and it was a hot Friday afternoon!
Trump video below the fold
I ~ almost ~ didn’t make it – the northbound traffic on I-495 was crawling.  The normal 55 minute trip took over 2 hours.  Plenty of time to think….

There was already a long line down Alumni Drive and around Landing Road when I got there – and parking was already beyond crisis level. And folks kept coming for the next hour….

Winnacunnet High

I guess Donald was stuck in the same traffic I’d been in – he was 40 minute late – but nobody seemed to mind.

Trump line

I brought my rude sign, – the one I put in Hillary’s face a few weeks ago,  and lots of folks wanted a picture of it. 

They ‘get’ it,  – she’s crooked and evil.

The Rude Sign

Oddly, very few ‘got’ the other side,  – these folks don’t follow politics enough to know who Trey Gowdy is.  More on that later…

Trump Event

Donald arrived – and when right into his ‘stump speech’ – but it barely sounded like a stump speech.

He has a special skill – maybe a gift – of making you feel you’re in a conversation with him,  – not being ‘addressed’ or lectured to. 

I found it refreshing, – having listened to hundreds of politicians over my lifetime.

He doesn’t go into the weeds or sort through the minutia – he sells the BIG PICTURE.

…we’re going to rebuild our military,…nobody’s going to mess with us!” Cheers!

China just devalued their currency…it’s the greatest theft of our lifetime…we have rebuilt China…”

We have 19 Trillion in debt,…plus enormous unfunded liabilities,…and ObamaCare is a disaster…”

He got a HUGE ROAR of applause when he said  “If someone is running for President – they shouldn’t be allowed to use a teleprompter!”

He immediately got another BIGGER ROAR when he said  “…and we don’t want a politically correct President either!”

It was then that I fully grasped why Trump has vaulted ahead of the pack in the polls;  – he is reaching the people who mostly ignore politics – because their natural instincts are to turn off and turn away from liars.

The VISION he is selling is a proud, strong America that they can actually remember.  He doesn’t need to drown an audience in details or recite a litany of Obama’s sins.


The working folks he’s reaching already know that 2008 and 2012 were terrible mistakes, – and that our economy sucks and our clout in the world has been reduced by pResident Lead-from-Behind

And Trump is smart enough to understand that these folks don’t trust a vanilla ‘Republican’ [RiNO] to fix it – or to even want to fix it!

So when he talks about building a border fence, – or auditing and purging the crooks from the VA,  – they can see him doing it – and quickly.

When one person asked him if he favored a colony on Mars, – his answer was quick and blunt – “I want to fix our bridges and roads here first!”

Trump in Overflow Room

Trump then came to the overflow room,  and gave those folks a good ten minutes of his time.  It showed he was aware they’d been standing a long time outside,  and a long time inside.  He remarked there was still a huge crowd outside the fire department wouldn’t let in….

OK,  it’s still ~ way ~ early in the campaign process.  A lot can happen,  a lot of shit can hit a lot of fans.


…while the mainstream media and the establishment party apparatchiks are writhing and squirming over this man who cannot be ‘controlled’ and cannot be bought,…

…I’m going to suggest that at the town and city level you get used to the idea of Trump,…

…and embrace him as the strongest thing you’re going to find to restore our nation in the manner that Reagan did in 1981.

And,…if you’re concerned that sometimes he shoots from the hip”,…remember that for these past 6½ years Obama has been running off at the mouth, – and shooting from his ass.


I spoke with a lot of folks yesterday – all good people. Some were very politically astute, – instantly knew who Trey Gowdy is and what the sign means.

But most didn’t.  Most just want to feel good about their country and their president again.  Some had voted for Obama,  – and now feel betrayed, – and foolish.

It may not bode well for our long-term survival, – but these good people want to vote for someone they can relate to, – who they feel they know and can trust, – and then forget about politics for the next 3½ years as they get on with their lives.

Frankly, once again I have to acknowledge the awesome job America’s union teachers have done in dumbing down two generations of our citizens.

If you know a young person,  start teaching them HISTORY!  Otherwise they will be easy prey for the next Carter, the next Clinton, or the next Obama….

The VIDEO: 54 minutes…

6 Responses to “Trump Sells His Vision In New Hampshire”

  1. Sherox

    I was very upset that I was unable to attend this event which I found out about the night before. I am glad you were able to attend.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    It was interesting that FNC gave ample coverage to Hillary and Bush at the Iowa State Fair but no coverage to Trump in Hampton. They seem to be not giving him the coverage that he is due given his debate performance and the subsequent polls. The establishment GOP and the Progressive, Democrat, Socialists don’t known whether to laugh among themselves about Trump or cry at the demise of “the world’s smartest woman” as the Intelligence, Inspector General tightens the noose.

  3. Mark

    I was among the crowd outside. I was asked by the mainstream media if I would like to be interviewed about women’s issues. I told them that THEY want to make things about women’s issues.

    ! ! ! ! ! !

    Good Job!

  4. Walter Knight

    Trump will bring voters to the polls to vote Republican than normally might have stayed home, much like Obama brought people to the polls that will stay home this time. Hopefully the result will not only be a Republican president, but a sweep at the other levels of government.

  5. Len Mead

    Mike, Thanks as usual for summarizing Trump, posting the video, and harassing the Hillary moon-bats with your great signs.
    Yes, Trump does speak person to person to all. A great communicator. Communicating positions that people WANT but almost have given up hope that those hopes can happen. More jobs, lower taxes, a secure border, a strong military again and a growing economy so maybe 93 million people who WANT to work will be able to apply for new jobs that become available.
    Great policies career politicians just don’t care about.
    Len Mead

  6. Clinton MA Tea Party

    “Trump for President”
    Jail Obama , Hillary ,