Trump Secures 2016 Nomination!

Posted May 26th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Despite the Romneys, the Bushs, the “GOP Elite Insiders”, the pundits and beltway experts,…the VOTERS spokein thunderous approval….
2016 GOP Nominee
Enough uncommitted delegates have now committed to put Trump over the top.  While he’s hardly the lifelong conservative I might have wanted,  – he loves our Country,  – he loves our People,…and he can balance a checkbook.  And unlike Hillary – he hasn’t killed anybody,  – or abandoned anybody to die surrounded by Muslim terrorists.
Now our RiNO Mass Guv’nr Charlie Brown has a BIG decision to make….

3 Responses to “Trump Secures 2016 Nomination!”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    The only way to stop Obama from destroying America’s place in the world is to stop continuation of his policies. That means fighting for defeat of his ideological partner Hillary Clinton. We cannot afford to lose this election in Nov.

    So much is at stake, our next president will choose one or possibly more Justices for the Supreme Court. Trump will choose Justices that will protect our country and our Constitution. Our Second Amendment will be protected with Donald Trump, Clinton will do all that she can to gut the Second Amendment.

    Economists predict that if Trump’s corporate tax plan becomes law, we will see a “tremendous movement of capital and labor back to the U.S”. Compare that to Clinton’s nightmare scenario: higher taxes, more tax complexity and an avalanche of new regulations.

    Trump will build a wall, deport illegal immigrants, tear up the Iran deal, have good relationships with our allies.

    Maybe he wasn’t our first choice, but he is far better for our country and the world than the Democrat candidate. We all must rally with our candidate and support him.

  2. Clinton ma tea party

    Donald Trump is the medicine that is going to cure America after this sicko Barack Obama liberal crap vivala Trump. If the Republican Party tries to pull any crap out in Ohio during the convention they’re going to have a billion people wanting to hang them. Good luck with that GOP establishment go Trump go

  3. Leonard Mead

    Finally there is real hope Trump can make America great again — start un-doing the damage the current muslim-in-chief has inflicted on our once beautiful country.
    Len Mead