Trump Representing Us Americans At G7

Posted June 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

To the utter dismay of the American and world media, our American President went to Quebec to represent the American People at the 44th G7 meeting.

He may be ‘out of place’ among the Globalist Socialists meeting there,  – but at least he’s not selling us down the river!

So while the left-wing media fumes and wrings their blood-stained hands that Trump isn’t playing the Globalist Game,….

.I was thoroughly enjoying the fact that Hillary was sitting back in Chappaqua awaiting her next subpoena….


After those 8 long terrible years – it is so good to wake up knowing there is an American Patriot working for us in the White House!

4 Responses to “Trump Representing Us Americans At G7”

  1. Vic

    Trudeau and Merkel would have to be supporting wobbly Queen Hillary on each shoulder if she were really standing there.

  2. Leonard Mead

    Standing? Apparently Hillary can not stand without a back brace. In perfect health while running, of course. No coughing or falling problems. Hmmmmmm

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Cosnervative

  3. Ben

    Never have I seen a Democratic party or the liberal press so scared or screwed up as we see today. So afraid of a President being so successful and owing nothing to anyone.

    Yet they still have no message to help the people of this Great Country.

    Go President Trump and don”t change; I love watching the libs s—- their pants.

  4. Walter Knight

    RRB can confirm anything. Is it true? Did Trudeau’s fake eyebrow really fall off during an interview?


    Sure looks like it to me….