Trump Reports On The 2018 G7

Posted June 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

So refreshing,  our American President gives a straightforward report on the results of the meetings, – sugar-coats nothing…

And tired as he was,  – immediately picked up on a snarky CNN reporter asking a question.  By now they should know better…. video

It’s really sad that for 8 years the Propaganda Ministry became used to reporting the words of Obama – as if the Messiah Himself had spoken….

.and they were so looking forward to 8 more years of the same with Crooked Hillary

But with Trump the words are softly spoken but blunt,  not manipulated or evasive,  and he doesn’t lie;  – so they are stuck with two choices,  – either DON’T REPORT the TRUTH, – – or twist it!

Now he’s off to meet Kim Jong-un in Singapore,  – likely with a surprise stop or two along the way…

God Speed Mister President!

One Response to “Trump Reports On The 2018 G7”

  1. Mt Woman

    AMEN, Iron Mike, may God bless this important mission and all who participate.