Trump Ready To Dismantle The OPM

Posted June 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

One of the Swamp’s most dysfunctional agencies,  – they took over a year to discover the full extent of a Chinese data breach,….and they still haven’t fixed all the issues.  As government employees,  they feel ZERO urgency.  Until Trump…. 

Now Trump is threatening to furlough and then lay off a big chunk of them if Congress doesn’t agree to his reorg plan – QUICKLY!
Suddenly he’s got Congressional Democrats acting like union stewards. Hilarious!

One Response to “Trump Ready To Dismantle The OPM”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    On the OPM (Office of Personnel Management, for readers unfamiliar with government-speak…).

    Recently, my checking and savings accounts suffered a fraud attempt that required the accounts to first be blocked from activity, then ultimately be closed. This required me to open new accounts and then change the destinations for various direct deposits. This led me to OPM.

    From the OPM site, I found no course of action but I did get three phone numbers: One with a 202 area code and two with 800 area codes. Knowing the 202 code was the DC area and maybe a more personal point of contact, I called that number first. “Do do do DEE do, this number is no longer in service”. Truly…

    I then tried the first 800 number. Busy signal! The United States Government! An 800 number with no voicemail and a busy signal!

    Then I went to the other 800 number. I recall it containing an 11-option menu, none of which provided the option of changing a destination bank account….

    So I decided to give all three another shot: Again, do do do DEE do; busy signal; 11-option menu….

    Duty called me away, but later in the day I tried again and got the same response. (Talk about insanity….) But I tried the busy signal number again, again and again, and finally the phone rang! “Our office is currently closed. Our office hours are….”…..

    So, next morning, phone in hand, I waited for the satellite clock to strike 8:00 AM and I called the busy signal number. BINGO! Someone answered. I introduced myself, stated my problem and respectfully related the previous day’s frustrations. The OPM person was attentive and sympathetic and explained, among other reasons, that there were only a few people answering the live phones. Imagine, probably two million federal employees, not counting military and postal employees, and probably tens of millions of retirees of all types, and only “a few people answering the live phones”?

    But I was “in” now, and speaking with a person. In fairness, however, and much to the OPM person’s skill set and credit, my problem was fixed in what seemed like two minutes. But now I wanted to correct my wife’s account info, as well: “Call again when your wife is available to speak”….