Trump Rally In Wildwood, New Jersey

Posted January 29th, 2020 by Iron Mike

As the Impeachment Trial dragged on in the US Senate,  Trump packed yet another arena with mainstream Americans – this time in South Jersey. Full video:

Crowds like this – at every Trump rally in 2019 – are why desperate Dems led by Pelosi are trying to get rid of Trump (get rid of us…) by impeachment,…so they can go on ripping off our Nation and our taxpayers.

Democrats,  if you love this Nation,  just walk away.

Stop by Town Hall (City Hall) and change your voter registration, – and start voting for Patriots instead of thieves.

Think about it… If Pelosi was an honest woman, – she would be outraged at what Joe Biden did in blackmailing the Ukrainian government to protect his son Hunter.


So America is being put through a hoax impeachment to get rid of an HONEST president,  – all to cover the ILLEGAL ACTIONS of the former Democrat Vice President. 

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