Trump Promises A Return To Georgia

Posted January 4th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Think he’s pissed at Kemp’s back-stabbing betrayal?
He just promised to return to Georgia in 2022 to campaign against Brian Kemp and GA SecState Brad Raffensperger – who allowed the presidential election to be totally compromised,  and who have done nothing since to correct the fraud.  Maybe you forgot? 

3 Responses to “Trump Promises A Return To Georgia”

  1. Walter Knight

    Trump and his family are not done with politics.

  2. Jim Buba

    There NEVAH should be a run-off

    AZ and MI were stolen too

    In fact, EVERY dem “win” since 1978, in EVERY State using electronic voting machines were fraudulent


  3. Ben

    It just seems like everyone who President Trump has helped or tried to help , has come back to stab him in the back. Lately it seems it’s just politics. I hope it comes back to bite them. Go Trump.