Trump OWNS The Corrupt Media

Posted July 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

With little or no effort,  Trump has the Mainstream Media’s heads exploding,  – and I’m laughing as hard as he is.   No, he’s certainly not “acting Presidential”,…but for 8 long horrible years either was Obama.

What Trump IS DOING – is acting like a President who loves his country,  – who respects us,  and loathes the media.  The more he isolates them , – the more he by-passes them,  the broker they get. They have no more stories to sell, – except Trump bashing and mocking THEM.

Trump understands money, – he understands exactly how badly he’s hurting them.

This is the same media that refused to question the Obama Administration about Fast & Furious, about the bungled arms smuggling at Benghazi, about the Iran sellout, or about Obama’s green energy boondoggles…

…BUT,…they’re pissing in their pants because Trump Tweets…?  

What’s REALLY FUNNY is how quickly some in the media are playing their “VICTIM CARD”!   Crybabies!

2 Responses to “Trump OWNS The Corrupt Media”

  1. Michael W Dane

    We see this every day, how can it be that some many people are so dumb?? There is the truth right in front of us they just refuse to see or believe it.. I keep coming back to what this guy said.. I am thankful every day that Trump was elected..

  2. Walter Knight

    We elected Trump to fight back, something that McCain, Dole, and Romney wouldn’t do.