Trump “Owned” The Weekend News!

Posted October 5th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The Propaganda Ministry hates his guts,  but to get viewers (ratings) they were forced to cover Trump all weekend,  – sucking the oxygen out of Biden’s campaign.

They found ways to be critical of every aspect of Trump’s Coronavirus diagnosis,  – his weight,  and how he was receiving a level of treatment “not available” to the average patient. Yeah…?

And they hated his quick trip outside the gate to wave at his fans.  You could feel the hand-wringing all the way into your living room.

Only NBC took a chance and ignored Trump.

Their front page ran an invitation to join Biden’s Town Hall….. We can only guess at the response.

How many of Hillary’s wrinkled handmaidens tuned in to hear the Jabbering Jabberwocky?

Folks,  Trump is a President like America has never seen.  He’s not in it for money or political power,   – just for making his country strong and lasting.

He outsmarts the left at every turn,  – because he never has to waste time thinking “…what’s in this for ME?”

He is the three-dimensional chess player who can turn a COVID19 diagnosis into a 4-day media blitz  – AT NO COST!

If you think for even a minute that Trump isn’t the Leader of the World,  – recall Friday how stocks dropped globally when news of Trump’s diagnosis spread.

Remember,  these communists in the media and in local government would turn our ENTIRE COUNTRY into a vast burning Portland or Minneapolis,  – with a murder rate in our inner cities like a Third World shithole.

2 Responses to “Trump “Owned” The Weekend News!”

  1. Kojack

    “….and how he was receiving a level of treatment “not available” to the average patient. ….”


  2. Stubby Buddy

    As Kojack said, POTUS is NOT the average patient.

    But also, HOW MANY GOVERNORS are forbidding the use of known-safe, known-effective drugs?!?! (And illegally practicing medicine without licenses, btw.)