Trump On Oprah – April 1988

Posted January 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

I’d say his message has been consistent over the past 28 years…

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  1. Tim Sullivan

    Donald Trump:
    -Donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Democrats including the Clintons, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.
    -Donated $100,000 to the Democrat Senatorial fund alone.
    -Supported the very Democrats who brought us Obamacare.
    -Is STILL in favor of socialized healthcare.
    -2A: Banned guns on his properties (he was exempt from his own ban of course)
    -2A: Has long been a proponent of banning guns he doesn’t like and more red tape in order to buy a gun.
    -Was pro-choice, claims to be pro-life now.
    -Used eminent domain laws and big-government to take people’s land to help build his empire.
    -Used bankruptcy laws so he never has to loose.
    -His daughter is STILL great friends with Chelsea.
    -Used insider tactics to buy politicians.
    -Still wants to raise taxes on the wealthy.
    -Wants to increase tariffs (taxes) on imports.
    -Has turned-off a number of voting blocks to the Republican party including Hispanics, women and those who desire Constitutional wars only. (Hard to win a general election like that)
    -Has insinuated that he too will ignore 4A.
    -Has insinuated that he too will abuse “executive privilege” because Obama has.
    -Has the highest negatives vs. Clinton of all R candidates.
    -Loves 1A for himself, not necessarily for others. Loves to kick those who disagree with him out/sue them.
    -Pathetic ambassador for the Constitution and BOR.
    -Imports much of his clothing line. Some from Mexico, some from China. Complains that Mexico and China take our jobs.
    -Imports workers on work visas, then says he wants to build a wall because foreigners take our jobs.
    -Is NOT self-made. Inherited a $40 MILLION turn-key company from his Dad in 1974. It is said that if he sold the company and invested the $$ in the S&P 500 and played tiddly-winks for the past 40 years he would actually be worth MORE than he is after all of his financial “genius”. (see bankruptcy and eminent domain comments above).
    -My wife, a life-long R will not vote for him if he’s the nominee. Neither will I.
    -Other than that, I like Don and he is RIGHT about political correctness.


    So if in November it is Trump vs Clinton [or Sanders] – do you stay home or write in Rand Paul in protest…?

  2. Tim Sullivan

    I don’t vote in protest. I vote on principle. There is always a principled Presidential candidate to vote for on the ballot. You may not have heard of them, however.


    Pray tell….?