Trump Names Eleven Likely Judges

Posted May 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

All seem at first blush to be solid pro-life, pro-2A constitutionalists, – which has the left already huffing and puffing.
Colloton    Eid    Gruender     Hardiman
Now,…if the media cares to,…they can spend some time investigating the decisions and education,…and even the past dating habits, – of these eleven judges. List below the fold:

Kethledge   Larsen   Lee    Pryor

Here are Trump’s Eleven:

Steven M. Colloton of Iowa  – 8th Circuit

Allison H. Eid of Colorado Supreme Court

Raymond W. Gruender of Missouri  – 8th Circuit

Thomas M. Hardiman of Pennsylvania  – 3rd Circuit

Raymond M. Kethledge of Michigan  – 6th Circuit

Joan L. Larsen of Michigan Supreme Court

Thomas R. Lee of Utah Supreme Court

William H. Pryor, Jr. of Alabama  – 11th Circuit

David R. Stras of Minnesota Supreme Court

Diane Sykes of Wisconsin  – 7th Circuit

Don R. Willett of Texas Supreme Court

All Trump has done is use regular common sense,  – looking for even-tempered jurists who have upheld and defended our Constitution in their past decisions.

Stras    Sykes   Willett

That alone will drive the left crazy.

Just wait until they figure out which one clerked for Scalia, – and which one upheld a voter ID law….

PLEASE NOTE:  There do not appear to be any illegal immigrants or transgendered individuals needing special bathroom privileges among these eleven jurists.

3 Responses to “Trump Names Eleven Likely Judges”

  1. MC

    Commonsense is a marvelous thing. Something that we haven’t seen in the current administration.

  2. Hawk1776

    And none are from the NYC-DC metroplex.

  3. Paul J Baldi

    We also don’t need any more ACLU members on the high court,
    and we already have enough judges from the snotty Ivy
    League on the court. Let’s hope Trump picks some judges who
    know the difference between right and wrong.