Trump Lets Loose In Swanton Ohio

Posted September 22nd, 2020 by Iron Mike

Folks,  over these next 42 days until the Election,  we won’t show each Trump rally.   But the Boss was in a free-wheeling mood last night in Swanton,  – and essentially tore Biden a new asshole!  Enjoy!

Watch as Trump calls Biden “…a total incompetent!”   video:

Does anybody think Biden can draw a crowd ~ anywhere ~ like Trump does day-after-day…?

Folks,  we need to have so many Patriots voting on November 3rd that even the Dem’s massive voter fraud can’t come close!

One Response to “Trump Lets Loose In Swanton Ohio”

  1. Vince Picarello

    I heard today that Trump is making sure that all the people at these rallies register to vote (or are registered) to vote…Lets pray that they all vote for Trump.