Trump Learns Romney Is In Quarantine

Posted March 23rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

I thought Trump handled this news with extraordinary aplomb!

3 Responses to “Trump Learns Romney Is In Quarantine”

  1. FLICK

    Elitist hypocrites. At the gym, out in public while we self-quarantine doing our part to minimize exposure. May Karma take the place of term limits.

  2. Catherine

    There is NO reason the Senate and/or House cannot put in place rules for these special circumstances. “Present” in 1787 meant able to hear and contribute to discussion as well as to cast votes. That can now be done remotely. Businesses do it all the time! The two chambers are allowed by the Constitution to set their own procedural rules. So it’s easy to have a special circumstances provision to cover members under quarantine for a contagious disease who are not otherwise rendered incapable of participating.


    Or they can attend in bio-hazard suits…..

  3. Walter Knight

    Ha! Another use for duct tape: Sealing Romney in his closet.


    You may have a misspelled word Walter…

    Did you mean closet, casket, or coffin…?