Trump, Joe, Abe, Joan

Posted January 21st, 2021 by Iron Mike

True heroes have few real friends,  – and lots of jealous hate-filled enemies.  The more they accomplish – and the easier they make it look,  – the deeper the jealousy.

Trump’s great political sin was his daily unmasking of the DC political class,  – showing them to be self-serving, coin-operated, inept, and treasonous.   So they said EMOLUMENTS and RUSSIA,  – impeached him – twice,  – and many want his entire family in prison.

In the 1920s and 1930s – many famous and many ordinary Americans traveled to Russia to witness for themselves the wonders of Communism.

Stalin was ready for them – they were shown Potemkin Villages, – where life seemed blissfully idyllic and everybody was well-fed and smiling.  Stalin called these tourists “Useful Idiots” – because they returned home singing the praises of Communism – having never seen his work camps and gulags…

So when Senator Joe McCarthy arrived in the US Senate in 1947 – and began sounding the alarm that Hollywood,  the State Department,  and the US Army were all infiltrated with communists and sympathizers,….he was soundly ridiculed – then censured.

Today “McCarthyism’ is a dirty word.   Never mind that he was right,  – we were infiltrated with communist spies.

Remember ‘devout Catholic’ FBI Agent Robert Hanssen? 

The list is almost endless:  Clayton Lonetree,  Walter Kendall & Gwendolyn Myers,  Candace Marie Claiborne,  Alexander Yuk Ching Ma,  Bradley Manning,….

The POINT is that Joe McCarthy was right!   And he was coming too close to ‘important people‘….

Our 2nd Greatest President made enemies on all sides.  The South hated him for winning,  – and for his Emancipation Proclamation.  People in the North who were itching to punish the South hated him for his plans for a gentle reconciliation.

It was almost a race to see which side would kill him first.

In 1963,  JFK was in a similar situation as he flew to Dallas.

Going further back in History – there is the case of Joan of Arc….

And our POINT today is that Trump couldn’t be bought,  the cheap lies wouldn’t stick,  – and he made the business of honest pro-American governing seem both easy and fun…

It was the huge crowds at his rallies which scared both the Democrats and their Chinese benefactors.

3 Responses to “Trump, Joe, Abe, Joan”

  1. Kojack

    The 2 great tragedies are that all of Trumps accomplishments will be reversed and the greater progress he could have made in a 2nd term which will never be realized.

  2. Jim Buba

    One is not born a Great man or a Strong leader. Devotion, diligence, loyalty, trust, hard work and example are the marks that just happen to be engraved into their lives, earning respect and success.

    The hard way is the life’s best adventure.

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    President Trump is a great man, and one of the greatest Presidents that America ever had. The jealousy that his enemies have for this great man in incredible, they were out to destroy him and his agenda from the day that he was inaugurated.
    I believe that his love for American and the American people is so great that he will be back. We need him to lead us out of the darkness that we are in with this new Administration.